Under the leadership of
Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine

Imaging and Beyond
27-28 February 2021

Virtual Meeting


deepAIm 2.0 - Imaging and Beyond


Upon success of the first DeepAIm in 2019, we intended to organize a second meeting named DeepAIm 2.0 in October 2020. The first meeting’s focus was on radiology and artificial intelligence with contributions from a variety of associated disciplines. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we had to postpone DeepAIm 2.0 to the last week of February 2021 and move with an online-virtual meeting instead of a physical one. We aim to diversify the subjects we cover in the 2021 edition of the conference, including but not limited to the applications of data science in general and artificial intelligence in particular in the field of medicine. Discussions about related ethical, sociological, and legal aspects will also be included in the program. Many distinguished speakers from different universities, civil society organizations, and medical industry and pharmaceutical companies have been already invited. We hope to see you among us in DeepAIm version 2.0 that will cover not only Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence in medicine but also topics related to data science in general.


Looking forward to welcome you.

Istanbul University
Faculty of Medicine
Radiology Department

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